MuMu Nebula - Best Android Emulator For low-end PC, no VT required

Compatible with low-end PC

Deeply adapt to low-end computers, it can still run smoothly on computers and notebooks below 4gb

Support higher Android system-Android 7

Support Andriod 7, easy to experience massive games

VT-free, compatible with hyper v

Directly use system resources to run, without tedious steps to turn on VT

High FPS, better performance

Low RAM&CPU occupancy and high FPS bring the best gaming experience with ultra-high-definition graphics

Coexist with MuMu Player

Simultaneous installation and operation of MuMu Nebula and MuMu Player on the same computer

Installation Notes

MuMu Nebula is still in the beta version, and there is no guarantee that all games can start and run normally. You can join the beta test program to help optimize MuMu Nebula. Of course, you can also continue to use MuMu Player for a more stable experience.

Deeply-adapted games

Free Fire

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Free Fire MAX

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Azur Lane

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Blue Archive

Download now

Epic Seven

Download now

Fate/Grand Order

Download now

World Flipper

Download now

Brawl Stars

Download now

Summoners War

Download now

Punishing: Gray Raven

Download now

Pokémon Unite

Download now

How to install XAPK files in the emulator

Step 1: Download the xapk installation file of the corresponding game on the Apkpure website;
Step 2: Search and install Xapk Installer on Google Play
Step 3: Move the Xapk file to MuMuSharedFolder;
Step 4: Run Xapk Installer, choose "INSTALL. XAPK FILES";

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Games currently incompatible with MuMu Nebula

For MuMu Nebula is still in Beta process, it has a lot to be improved. The following games are currently incompatible with MuMu Nebula:
Princess Connect! Re: Dive
Girl Cafe Gun

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Features currently not supported by MuMu Nebula

For MuMu Nebula is still in Beta process, it has a lot to be improved. The following features are currently not supported by MuMu Nebula:
The game can not be dragged to a seperate window;
Games that require Google Play services may not start and run normally;
Mouse sensitivity in Free fire is not good enough;

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Unable to turn on VPN in MuMu Nebula

If you want to turn on VPN and change the server for a game, please turn on VPN on your PC instead of in the emulator.
Consult "online customer service" via Messenger and get more help.

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