Tower of Fantasy 8 Useful Tips


Tower of Fantasy 8 Useful Tips

A shared open-world MMORPG called Tower of Fantasy (ToF) was created by Hotta Studio for PC, Android, and iOS devices. Level Infinite is the publisher of the game's global version. Due to the fact that the game is an MMORPG and has a steep learning curve, here are 8 tips you probably would have wanted to know before start.

1. Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map is really important


Utilize the interactive Tower of Fantasy map whenever you are looking for resources or enemies on the map, chances are they are already marked on the map. These interactive maps may be useful for more than just finding objects; for instance, if you located all the chests and Gold Nucleus in a region, head over to the map and mark them out so you can be sure they are no longer present there if you ever return to look for them.

Interactive map 1
Interactive map 2
Interactive map 3


2. Take advantage of the Shieldbreaker 


Always be sure to use a Shieldbreaker on shielded foes to destroy their shield before unleashing your DPS on them. Some high-level bosses will wipe out your whole squad if you don't deal with the shield, which will significantly restrict your character's damage until it is shattered. Shield breaks depending on bosses can provide external buffs that can be very helpful, so break shields whenever possible then switch to your DPS.

3. Use the Unstuck option when necessary


MMO games are notorious for having weird bugs that can cause your characters to get glitched or even see the end of the world. Tower of Fantasy features a special button that can aid you with glitches.
Use the unstuck button if you run into problems, get expelled from the map region, or are stuck, and they should all be fixed. The unstuck option is available in the setting menu of the game.


4. Zero Stamina Consumption Wall Climbing Trick

Tower of Fantasy CN had a fancy trick that would allow you to climb anywhere while consuming zero stamina, and hopefully, this will also work in the global version. This trick doesn’t require too much thinking or any kind of macro, all you have to do is press Ctrl Key + Space + Space + W key while climbing on any structure or wall. The Ctrl key is used to let your character leave the climbing position and you will need to get the timing right at first but after that climbing becomes the easiest task.

5. Jetpack Dash is useful in covering a distance

Another trick for increasing your jetpack's range is to repeatedly do dodges in the front direction while in the air before reactivating the jetpack. By doing this, you may travel considerably farther than you would normally be able to when gliding.

6. Dungeon weekly activity is crucial

The game's stamina, known as "vitality," is required to play a significant portion of the game's content, however dungeon farming may still be started without vitality in order to obtain weekly activity points. This is undoubtedly beneficial for Tower of Fantasy gamers who are unable to play the game often. When done correctly, weekly activity points can be reached in just three days.

7. Tower of Fantasy teammate revival tricks 

The game has a revival system for knocking out teammates that takes a bit of time, but there is a trick to shorten the time considerably. All you have to do is interact with the revival key once and dash away, and your ally will get revived regardless of whether you waited or simply tapped once. This is especially useful in difficult battles, as even a single alive ally can turn the tide of the battle with this.

8. Grab the free Simulacrum gifts in Tower of Fantasy

On Cetus Island, there is a specific arcade game that will provide you free Simulacrum Gifts that are quite valuable. Gifts from Simulacrum are utilized to strengthen their friendship. Make sure to stop by there every day because you may only play this arcade machine three times every day. Rewards come in a variety of tiers and are random.

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