Tier List and Reroll Guide for OUTERPLANE


Tier List and Reroll Guide for OUTERPLANE

While there is no shortage of great gacha games on mobile, we always love to see new ones with great visuals and addictive strategy gameplay like OUTERPLANE. This title is all about building the perfect team for each challenge, and that is where our Outerplane tier list comes in. Make the most of your time and money with our categorisation of every character released so far.

OUTERPLANE Tier List and Reroll Guide


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Outerplane Tier List

Outerplane is still a relatively new mobile game, so our tier list is preliminary, and we are updating it as we spend more time with the strategy RPG and its huge cast of characters.

OUTERPLANE reroll guide


  • S Tier: Saeran, Veronica, Rin, Valentine, Francesca, Dolly
  • A Tier: Maxwell, Leo, Idith, Noa, Lisha, Alice, Snow, Vera, Beth, Kate, Cindy, Shu, Iris, Rhona, Adelie, Sofia, Marian, Tanya
  • B Tier: Rhona, Laplace, Eliza, Vera, Laine, Alpha, Pesketh, Alpha, K, Tio, Faenan, Claire, Naru Kang, Lily, Parti
  • C Tier: Flamberge, Philia, Fenrir, Guizam, Orox, Bleu, Yuri


Reroll Guide for OUTERPLANE

It's really simple to perform an Outerplane reroll, just follow these steps:

OUTERPLANE Tier List and Reroll Guide


  • Open up Outerplane
  • Log in with a guest account
  • Complete the tutorial
  • Claim all the pre-registration rewards
  • Use all the current Outerplane codes
  • Use your rewards and the gacha mechanic to summon characters
  • If you don't pull the characters you want, go into settings and clear your save data, then start again
  • If you do get the characters you want, create a full account in the account settings


Final Thoughts

That's all we have for our Outerplane tier list for today folks but we hope you find this helpful. 


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