Summoners War 2022 v7.0.4 Update is Coming!


Summoners War 2022 v7.0.4 Update is Coming!

We believe that all summoners are very satisfied with the joint event of Summoners War X cookie run: kingdom this month. At the end of September, we have a new update for Summoners War! A wave of new events and rewards awaits you. Let's check it out together!



▶ Time-limited collab event! A boss monster, 'Red Velvet Dragon,' will appear in the new '[Cookie Run: Kingdom]'s Event Dungeon Ⅱ. ​​

Summoners War 2022 v7.0.4 Update is Coming!


Dungeon opening time: Will be notified separately ​​

The goals of [Cookie Run: Kingdom]'s Event Dungeon Ⅱ change every week. Summoners can challenge the goal of the corresponding week from Monday to Sunday at midnight.


Battle Procedure

: Red Velvet Dragon appears as a boss Monster in [Cookie Run: Kingdom]'s Event Dungeon Ⅱ, and the battle consists of 3 phases.
: Monsters' Attack Power, Defense, and HP will be adjusted by x10. As for Attack Speed, it'll be adjusted by basic stats + (additional stats x 1/10), and CRI DMG will be adjusted to 150% if it's below 150%.

Summoners War 2022 v7.0.4 Update is Coming!


: In the dungeon, Summoners can challenge goals regarding Red Velvet Dragon's passive skills.

2 additional passive skills other than the basic skills of the boss can be selected as a goal in the battle preparation screen.

: Boss' 2 passive skills change every week, and you can obtain additional rewards according to your progress. (You can obtain rewards for each week's goal once)

Summoners War 2022 v7.0.4 Update is Coming!


▶ The icons of beneficial & harmful effects are now displayed more clearly in [World Arena/Arena/Trial of Ascension]

Summoners War 2022 v7.0.4 Update is Coming!


: Icon size has been adjusted and the icons are now displayed in 3 rows, consisting of 7 icons in each row instead of being displayed in only 1 row to fix an issue where the icons would go out of the screen in certain resolutions.


▶ An icon that redirects you to a mini shop where you can purchase [Energy/Arena Invitation/Mana Stone/Crystal] displayed on the top-right of the island has been added. (The icon shows up by tapping the currency)

Summoners War 2022 v7.0.4 Update is Coming!


▶ [Craft Building] A menu that shows the list of craftable items has been added to the detailed info screen of the material item.

Summoners War 2022 v7.0.4 Update is Coming!


▶ [Siege Battle] The special rules settings of the battle test have been removed.

- With Siege Battle Season 9 ending, the special rules settings used for Season 9 will be removed from the Siege Battle test. Please look forward to the new special rules for the Siege Battle Tournament Season 10.


▶ [Guild Tower] building has been improved.

- A notice that displays the no. of battles that haven't been achieved in the corresponding week of [Monster Subjugation] will be added.

- The notice icon of the Guild Tower building is now more noticeable.


▶ [Shop > Efficient] Collab Special! <Surprise Shop> will be open. Check out the items with special price!

- Period: After the v7.0.4 update on Sep. 28th - Oct. 21st 7:59am [PDT]

Summoners War 2022 v7.0.4 Update is Coming!


The above is the main content of this update. For other monster adjustments, please click the official website to view the specific data.



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