How to Play on PC with MuMu Player X


How to Play on PC with MuMu Player X is a super-fun mobile game in which you and other survivors will have to pick up weapons and battle these evil and dangerous zombies as human warriors with unlimited potential. It features simple, yet engaging gameplay where there's never a dull moment, and even experienced veterans will find themselves bracing for the next horde event.
Now play this wonderful game on your PC with MuMu Player X!


MuMu Player X is the most exceptional Android emulator which gives you the best experience to play this amazing game on PC. No interruption, high FPS, and accurate aiming, these are what MuMu Player X can offer you if you play on PC with MuMu Player X. What's more, you can also set special and precise control methods on your keyboard and mouse depending on your personal usage habits. MuMu Player can provide you with smooth play experience even on low-spec PCs.

How to Download on PC

1. Download and install MuMu Player X

play survivor io on pc

2. Sign in Google account and search in the APP Center

play survivor io on pc

play survivor io on pc

3. Download and install from the search results

play survivor io on pc

NOTE: If you didn't find this game on the Play Store, you can also download the game's apk file to install locally on MuMu Player X.

4. Click the icon on the homepage to start playing

play survivor io on pc


TIPS: Open the keyborad and mouse settings and click the screen to set click buttons if you want to move more conveniently according to your own usage habits.

play survivor io on pc


Follow these easy steps which just take a few minutes to complete, and then you'll be able to enjoy playing on PC with the best controls, graphics, performance and other practical functions offered by MuMu Player X. Don't hesitate to start your play experience in on PC with MuMu Player X now!

MuMu player


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