Limbus Company Reroll Guide


Limbus Company Reroll Guide

Limbus Company is a gacha game where players are required to summon for their most wanted Identities and E.G.O's through the innate gachapon system. Just like any other gacha game out there, the higher the rarity of the wanted Identity/E.G.O, the lower the probability of obtaining it.



Similarly, the lower the rarity of the wanted Identity/E.G.O, the higher the probability of obtaining it. Players can rejoice as Limbus Company also offers a hard pity for players unable to summon their desired Identity/E.G.O. However, in this re-rolling guide, MuMu Player will not be considering this pity as we simply do not get enough summons to pity our wanted Identity/E.G.O at the start of the game. 

Limbus Company Rerolling Guide

Here are the different rarities of identities along with their rates to be summoned:

  • E.G.O (All Rarities) – 1.3% Probability of being summoned
  • 3-Star Identities – 2.9% Probability of being summoned
  • 2-Star Identities – 12.8% Probability of being summoned
  • 1-Star Identities – 83% Probability of being summoned

Limbus Company Rerolling Guide


Rerolling Guide for Limbus Company

Rerolling is an essential part of games like Limbus Company where a strong head starts matters and can set you up for a smooth and efficient journey throughout the game. Playing Limbus Company on BlueStacks eases the process for a perfect reroll using its Multi-Instance Manager tool.  In Limbus Company, players can go directly to summon as there exists no tutorial or pesky introduction videos. Players are simply pushed to explore the different systems of the game on their own with little to no handholding. We would recommend to go to the in-game mailbox from the top right-hand side of the main menu.

Limbus Company Rerolling Guide


This should contain all your pre-registration rewards, including 4500 Lunacy. Head over to the summoning system called "Extract" located at the bottom right-hand side. There are different types of summoning banners that new players will be thrown when they first enter the game. We will recommend to summon on the new player Identity summoning banner where you are given a discount on the first 20 pulls and guaranteed 3 Identities within those summons. A good re-rolled account should have at least 1 or 2 3-Star Identities.

Here are the different identities you should aim for while re-rolling:

  • W Corp. Cleanup Agent (3-Star Identity)
  • Kurokumo Wakashu (3-Star Identity)
  • Tingtang Gangleader (3-Star Identity)
  • Kurokumo Henchwoman (3-Star Identity)
  • G.Corp Manager Corporal (3-Star Identity)

Limbus Company Rerolling Guide


Method 1: Delete Your Progress 

One of the easiest methods to re-roll. Players can simply log in to the game by signing up as a Guest for a Guest Account. 
Players can follow the above mentioned re-rolling method to try to summon the Identities/E.G.O they want. If unsuccessful, simply follow the steps given below.
Go to the Settings tab -> Account section -> Close Account -> Confirm and press on "Yes". 
Login again as you will be dropped back to the main screen and repeat the process.


Method 2: Use A Different Account

This method is the simplest one but little bit time consuming. Limbus Company allows players to use Google Account, Apple Account, and Guest Account as a form of login. Linking your account means connecting it to an Apple or Google ID. This helps save any progress you made on that account. 
Players can simply use another Google or Apple ID to make a new account and start re-rolling on that account. 
Go to the Settings tab -> Account section -> Close Account -> Confirm and press on "Yes". 
Go back to the main screen and login again using a different ID.

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