AutoChess Moba: The complete Itemization Guide and Tips


AutoChess Moba: The complete Itemization Guide and Tips

When players first begin playing Auto Chess Moba, it is natural to feel overwhelmed by all of the options available to them. The itemization of heroes is an important consideration for every player. It is critical to understand which items the heroes can use to become stronger when wielding and which will be useless paperweights to them. It is also necessary to learn conditional item building in order to advance as a player. In this article, we'll go over the itemization system in AutoChess Moba and learn when and how to build things.


AutoChess Moba Guide: Best Itemization Tips and Tricks

Fortunately for most newcomers, Autochess MOBA employs a recommendation system for purchasing items for heroes. This is especially useful as a beginner in the game as you learn the other mechanics of the game such as laning, farming, kiting, and so on. However, while the game's recommended items are not bad, they may not be the optimal order of the build or even the optimal build against a specific enemy team.


Building a Hero per game

To begin learning how to build a specific hero, practice them and truly understand how they work and how you play them. Practice with the heroes before you start playing a game. You may be new to the game, but if you already have a champion or two, check out their abilities before engaging in a fight.

The way you build a character will be influenced by your understanding of how they work and how you play them. For example, if you like bursting squishy enemies, build bursty assassin items; if you like dealing damage while also being able to take some, build bruiser items.


Building Works against Enemies

One thing to keep in mind when crafting items, especially if you're a tank, is your opponents. This will necessitate some research into how many other heroes operate and how to counter them with items. If an enemy ranger or axe is completely decimating you, you might want to consider stacking some extra armor.

In situations like this, new players discover that the state of the game alters their item builds slightly. You should always be prepared to change your item build based on how the opposing team scales. This includes knowing when to build more Magic Resist or increase your attack damage to help with the game's progress.


Final Thoughts

With those lessons in mind, the best way to learn how to build any hero effectively in AutoChess Moba is to watch how each hero plays. Learning your own hero, even if it is as simple as whether they are a mage or a marksman, is a huge step in learning how to build because the shop available has also been classified by which role of hero they can fully be used.

After that, learn the majority of the heroes that are commonly used and become acquainted with their play style. Stacking magic resist against a mage-heavy team, for example, will suddenly make your hero unstoppable.


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