MuMu Player Update Notes

【MuMu Player 6】V2.6.31.0

1. Fixed the problem that MU ORIGIN 3 fails to open files when started;

2. Optimized the emulator to improve responsiveness;

【MuMu Player 6】V2.6.30.0

1. Provided exclusive Diablo Immortal mouse styles for an immersive gaming experience;
2. Optimized the interaction of the multi-driver and added an indication of the reason for copy failure.

【MuMu Player 6】V2.6.29.0

1. Support for Diablo Immortal joystick mode, connect the joystick to experience native joystick support;
2. Fixed the issue of keystrokes reverting to their default values after being saved;

3. Optimised multilingual texts;

4. Fixed the flashback problem in Crypto Ball Z на WEMIX;

5. Fixed the flashback problem in War Robots;

6. Fixed an unusual terrain rendering issue in Apex Legends Speed+ mode;

7. Fixed the in-game inability to type in Dislyte.

【MuMu Player 6】v2.6.28.0

1. Fixed an issue with the top menu bar of the emulator displaying abnormally on the high split screen.
2. Fixed an issue with the Guardian Tales being unresponsive during runs.

【MuMu Player 6】v2.6.27.0

1. Optimized the handle function and add support for the PS4 handle;
2. Fix the abnormal interface display problem in "Ragnarok M" Extreme+ mode.

【MuMu Player 6】v2.6.25.0

1.Using a discrete graphics card by default has been added, making games run more smoothly and reducing the occurrence of problems such as flashing and lagging;

2.Fixed an issue where switching between horizontal and vertical screens while maximized caused the window to become smaller.​

【MuMu Player 6】 v2.6.24.0

1. Fixed an issue when using the Alt+T shortcut to hide the bottom toolbar would cause the emulator window to become smaller;

2.Fixed an issue when renaming the data disk to another name and then modifying it back caused the emulator to get stuck 99%;​

3. Fixed startup failure due to conflict.

2. Fixed an issue where switching between horizontal and vertical screens while maximized caused the window to become smaller.​

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