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How to log into Genesis Masterwork Apocalypse without knowledge of Chinese language?

NetEase's latest game Genesis Masterwork Apocalypse has been launched . "Masterwork Apocalypse Genesis " is a fantasy multi-world RPG mobile game independently developed by NetEase and based on the anthropomorphic theme of "famous books". Players will act as the only person who can perceive "reality being modified", travel through multiple worlds with different themes, collect and develop powerful fantasy books, and fight with them in the false world. This exquisite graphics mobile game can not only bring entertainment through mobile phones, but also exquisite graphics and extraordinary special effects can be more vividly displayed on the computer, so why not choose a suitable Android emulator for this? The MuMu emulator is the best choice for this game. Let’s download the MuMu emulator and play "Masterwork Apocalypse Genesis " on the PC!
>Download MuMu Play<and play Genesis Masterwork Apocalypse on PC
But for many players, there is a problem which can not be solved even by MuMu Player: the game is in Chinese!!! English players don`t understand! Don`t worry, here is tutorial for those who are interested in this game but don`t know Chinese.
1. After installing the game, there is another game patch for you to download. So I would suggest you staying connected to Wi-Fi to save data.
2. You can log in using phone number or email, or as a guest (click the blue button). We will start from the phone number option. 
3. Always remember ticking the little box below (policy-related) to continue.
Standoff 2# update H
4. Select a country/region code first and enter your phone number.
Standoff 2# update A
5. Click the 'Get Verification Code' and enter the code you receive. (Don't forget to tick the 'Term' box!)
Next, let's talk about logging in with email.
1. Click 'NetEase Email'. You can also sign up for a NetEase email account if you don't have one.
2. Enter your NetEase email address and password. (Tick the box!)
Standoff 2# update E
One last thing...
This message is to remind you that your account is now verified yet, which usually takes an ID number. But you can skip it for now and continue to the game.
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