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Summoners War: Chronicles – Com2uS provides more details on MMORPG based on Summoners War

Summoners War: Chronicles is a brand new MMORPG in the globally-popular Summoners War universe. Players will find themselves in a time before both Sky Arena and Lost Centuria, where they slip into the role of a Summoner with distinct skills and appearances. As we all know, mobile game could be more interesting when palyer just plays it on computer, because the configurations of PC and big screen always bring brilliant experience and wildely show best features of mobile games. Therefore it would be wiser for everyone to choose a emulator in which this upcoming game will definitely run smoothly To enjoy the best performance of this upcoming mobile game on PC, Mumu Player will prove that it can bring the best playing experience.
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Over at Gamescom 2021, Com2uS revealed a new interview video clip with the developers of the upcoming MMORPG, Summoners War: Chronicles. Various in-game contents, such as screenshots, were introduced for the very first time. In the interview clip, Eun-jae Lee, who is in charge of development of Chronicles, appeared and introduced various and specific information about the game that was unknown until now, such as the core contents of Chronicles, character details, and the overall development process.
In particular, the unique appearance of the monsters that inherited the Summoners War IP and the Summoners, including Orbia, Kina and Cleaf, that lead the story of Chronicles, were also revealed, drawing attention of the game fans around the world. Based on the IP of Summoners War, which has a strong fan base all over the world, Chronicles allows users to enjoy a whole new adventure and battle by transplanting the Summoners War core content, the summon system, to fit the MMORPG genre.
Users can enjoy the fun of strategic play through battles fought as a team with summoned Monsters, fight with colleagues as a team on continents with various concepts such as deserts and glaciers, and solve gimmicks such as traps and puzzles in contents such as dungeons. The game is set to launch in 2022 on iOS, Android, and Windows PC devices.
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