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Azur Lane – Best Fleets & Fleet Build Guide

In this guide, we cover which things are important about the composition of your fleet in Azur Lane.
Furthermore, we’ll present examples of top-tier fleets built by top players in the game.
First of all, having a variety of ship types will help you create a balanced fleet with damage, defense, and support.
Having different ship types will prepare you for all enemies because you’ll be able to bring a variety of weapon types like high single target damage, AoE, and air damage.
Oil efficiency is a topic often discussed by players of Azur Lane as the resource is so valuable.
Having a fleet consisting of ships with a low oil cost and thereby high oil efficiency will help you immensely in terms of progress and farming.
Because most of the strongest ships have high oil costs, many players try to bring a balance of high and low oil cost ships.
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Variety of ship types

To ensure you have enough damage, defense, and utility in battle, you should aim to build a fleet with a balance of ship types.
You need to have sufficient defenses not to get taken out by burst attacks from the enemy, but you also want to have enough damage so they can't out sustain you.
Having at least one support ship can significantly improve the rest of your fleet.
In your main fleet, also known as the backline of your fleet, you want to have at least one Battleship or Battlecruiser and one Aircraft Carrier.
Battleships and Battlecruisers both deal incredible damage but to a small area while Aircraft Carriers deal decent damage but to a massive area.
In your Vanguard, you should bring at least one Cruiser and one Destroyer.
Destroyers have high burst damage but are very squishy.
Cruisers, on the other hand, have a lower damage output, but it is much more consistent, and they have higher defenses.
Therefore, you should bring both to have a balanced frontline that is able to burst down powerful foes in need, but also chip away at tanky enemies and withstand their attacks.
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