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Azur Lane Tips For Beginner Players

In this article, we will be talking about common beginner-level questions, and few tips will be provided. after reading this article, your Azur Lane experience will be better.
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Should I reroll the account until I get a specific super rare ship?

Absolutely not needed. The early game of Azur Lane is easy, unlike other mobile games, so you can get through the entire game without using a single super rare ship, and someone has actually gone through the entire game without using a super rare.
If you are worried about not getting a specific super rare ship you want, just dont worry about it because the non-limit super rare ships stay in the pool forever, and those have a very generous 7% super rare build rate, so eventually, you will get all the super rare non-limited.

Which ships are more important?

The event limited rare is very important, for example, Amagi from Crimson Echoesevent.
These super rare from the event-limited build pool will be unavailable for a very long time after the event ends, so prioritize them first. The event build pool also has the non-limited super rare included, so just by building the event pool, you will eventually get all the non-limited super rare just after a few events.

Avoid Only Super Rare Ships

Do not use too many supers rares in the early game. This is probably one of the biggest beginner traps in Azur Lane, so ships get a lot of powers from just limit breaking.
To limit break super rares, you will need the same ship or gold bulins, and those are not easy to come by for beginners, so in the early game if you use too many super rares, most of it will be very underpowered just because you can not limit-break them.
If you want to use super rare, make sure to focus on one of them one at a time to fully limit-break them.
There are many powerful, rare, and elite ships and often outperform super rare with their retrofits, so dont dwell on a full fleet of super rares.

Super Rare Tier List Azur Lane

Here is a list of non-limited super rare that are ranked from good to bad in terms of combat performance that you can get from a normal built:
God Tier: Enterprise and Hood
Good Tier: Belfast, Takao, Atago, and Illustrious
Average Tier: Prinz Eugen, Warspite, and Prince of Wales
Meme Tier: San Diego

Azur Lane I’m stuck on a certain map, what should I do?

There are three ways to make your fleet more powerful, and
The first way is to limit-break your ships; your ships magnitude becomes more powerful just from limit breaking to gain more HP, and they do more damage at the cost of increased per battle.
Second, level up your ships.
Theres a level advantage system for each level the ship half over the enemy. The ship gains 2% more bonus damage and receives 2% less damage for a maximum of 50%. As long as you are 20 levels above the enemy, you can stomp them pretty easily.
Lastly, enhance your gear because the weight damage is calculated in Azur Lane in every stats, and the damage bonus you get multiplies off of your weapons base damage, so increasing your weapons base damage will give you a very significant damage boost.
Gearing/Leveling Ships In Azur Lane
Ship synergy only matters once you reach the later stage where the enemies are of high enough level to nullify the level advantage system.
Focus on gearing or leveling ships first and then worry about fleet building later in the game, so dont worry about the ships synergy in the early game because it really does not matter although having a fleet with synergy is really nice but it is not required until the very late part of the game, and as you progress through the game, more options will open, and you can build an ideal team later.

Player Level

Level up your player level to 70 as soon as possible. There are three valuable resources you need in this game, the steel box, the equipment boxes, and the enhancement parts. You can get them every day from the day of the event, and the quality of these resource cache is dependent on your commander level. Once you reach level 70, you will have access to the highest level daily event, which gives a lot of gold skill books and equipment boxes, so make sure to try your best and reach level 70 as soon as possible.

Azur Lane Battleships

Level at least two strong battleships; battleships are way better than carriers in Azur Lane. Battleships have higher single target damage to kill bosses, and they can equip auxiliary guns to defend themselves from suicide boxes. On every late-game map, you always want to run at least one power ship per one fleet, so focus on at least two battleships, one for the escort fleet and one for the boss fleet.
Upgrade your skills, especially the battleship barrage skill, because it drastically increases the percent chance that it has to proc, and it also bases its damage on the skill level.

Azur Lane Dorm

Dont forget to use your dorm coins to expand the dorm because it makes your dorm bigger and allows you to put more stuff in. Also, it gives you some instant happiness points, which makes it the best investment with your furniture coins.
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