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New event has been launched in Punishing: Gray Raven

The game recently launched an event called Energy Recovery Operation. An outstanding Commandant will know how to explore and recycle the energy for Babylonia! 
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July 17, 07:00 (UTC) - August 9, 06:59 (UTC)


1. Complete event daily task, or through other means, to obtain Cell Batteries (event tokens).
2. Daily tasks will reset and can be completed every day. Cumulative tasks will not reset and can be completed one time only during the event. 
3. Use Cell Batteries to activate the Detector to scan through the area.
4. You can gain Event Points after each detection. Achieving particular points will unlock corresponding rewards.
5. The Common Detector has a lower Battery cost, but will give fewer rewards. The Wide-Range Detector has a higher Battery cost, but will give more rewards.


Construct Coating: Bloody Love, Coating Blueprint, Limited Decor, R&D Tickets, Memory Shard and some Enhance Materials.
Just move and do your contribution to Babylonia!
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