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New gadgets of heroes in Brawl Stars have become available!

Recently there are some intersting changes happening with our roles.

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Ruffs' and Stu's new Gadgets!

They are already available in the shop and in boxes!
  • Ruffs: He calls for backup and sends an airstrike to the closest enemy and deals 700 damage with each hit in a large area around the target.
  • Stu: His next Super can bash through walls making pieces of the wall fly at the enemies on the other side. Each piece deals 500 damage to opponents.


Leon and Gale Gadgets are here!

They are already available in the shop and in boxes!
  • Leon: He drops his lollipop to create an invisibility area for him and his teammates.
  • Gale: He uses his leaf blower to create a local tornado, which will push away any enemies that try to pass it.BSC

Buzz's new Star Power is out!

You can now get Buzz's new Star Power, Eyes Sharp, from the shop or find it in boxes!
Eyes Sharp: Buzz's Super Charging area is increased by 33%
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