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Summoners War: Lost Centuria: The best and weakest Tier List

What are the best monsters in Lost Centuria? Who are the weakest monsters? Who to choose in priority in his composition? All the answers to your questions about the Lost Centuria tier list can be found in this article! On the program, a ranking from the most powerful monsters to the most useless monsters to understand who you should choose first and why.


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Summoners War: Lost Centuria: The best and weakest Tier List 1


To understand how the game works and the gameplay mechanics, it's important not to rush headlong into it. By that a team composition has to be balanced and well thought out. For example, it is not relevant to create a team with the 7 monsters that we have positioned in tier S. Your composition must have one or more tanks, heal, support, single target DPS or zone DPS, counter mechanics, etc. In short, a good balance. As a result, we will be able to see good compositions containing a tier B and possibly tier C monster (more rarely).

Summoners War: Lost Centuria: The best and weakest Tier List 2


Tier S: the mighty gamebreakers

Here are the best, most powerful monsters in Lost Centuria, the ones to think about when building your team.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria: The best and weakest Tier List 3

· Eleanor: This is the support that you can place in all your compositions. She is played in 2 phases. When she is not in frontline, she heals other monsters, removes harmful effects and brings crit resistance of 2. Once in frontline, she becomes a frightening tank, applies a shield reflecting damage as well as a defense boost of 2 and a crit resistance of 3. Very solid, she is the pillar of a good deck. Her place in tier S is easily granted.


· Jeanne: She is very strong for a cost of only 3 mana points. Indeed, she will stun the first enemy monster while healing an ally and when her Guardian buff reaches 2, she will get the Prayer of Protection spell which allows you to make your weakest monster invincible while buffing the whole monster line's with damage reduction. Equally strong to counter enemy effects with cc and to attack.


· Khmun: One of our favourite monsters. He is very useful and brings a lot to a team. In addition to offering great damage, he will leave a mark preventing the targeted enemy from healing. He will heal himself as well as your weakest monster. Overall a really strong monster for your comp.


· Sophia: She is the must have Wind DPS. Sophia is capable of one-shotting an opponent! In addition to dealing heavy damage, she leaves a defense debuff on her enemy. She only costs 4 mana for really powerful damage. She becomes essential in any composition as soon as you have a good runes and a skill stone to support her set.


· Nicky: She deals a lot of damage. Nicki prevents the enemy from removing your damage over time. If the enemy tries to remove her damage, their entire backline will get stunned and take heavy damage. She is strong alone but turns out really op when paired with Baretta.


· Hathor: She is able to put the entire enemy backline to sleep. This allows you to gain time if you're doing zone damage, or to completely one-shot the frontline if you're more of a single target player. When well controlled and used at the right time, she will turn many games in your favor.


· Woosa: We really like him as a counter. Thanks to his Shield, but especially his Immunity, he can really turn the outcome of a fight around. He costs 5 mana, but his impact is really huge. Just watch out for an opponent's Soha so that it doesn't turn against you. He's Water, he tanks pretty well, he's very strong against area damage and duration based meta.


Tier D: weakest tier list Lost Centuria

Overall, these 4 monsters have no business being in a viable composition at the moment.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria: The best and weakest Tier List 4

· Chloe: She is far too expensive for the impact she offers in a game. Her Invincibility is too low, she tanks badly. Do not use her in your deck.


· Hraesvelg: He too is rather weak, despite the mark that increases damage by 20% on opponents. It costs 4 mana, which is still quite expensive. We find it very difficult to place him in a damage rotation. Moreover, it tanks very little. Forget about it for the moment.


· Shannon: Despite her low mana cost, she is not interesting. The buffs she brings are not interesting. It has no place in a composition.


· Roid: He has the same problem as Shannon, his debuff won't really have an impact, as he doesn't do much damage and tanks very little.


This ranking is always a bit subjective, therefore, don't hesitate to enjoy this game by yourself!

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