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Summoners War: Lost Centuria Guide: Gameplay and game mechanics

From the creators of the global hit game Summoners War: Sky Arena comes an addicting real-time strategy PvP with all your favorite Summoners War monsters.

Collect and upgrade cards featuring iconic monsters from the Summoners War world to use in battle. Equip your monsters with unique combinations of Runes and Skill Stones. Test your skills in a variety of fun game modes including Brawl Battle, World Tournament, and Challenge Mode. Join an Alliance with friends to share monster cards and earn additional rewards. Craft the perfect strategies and teams to battle your way through an epic adventure.


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Summoners War: Lost Centuria Guide: Gameplay and game mechanics 1


The game is based on a system of strength and weakness according to the elements of the monsters. Your monsters are defined by one of 5 different elements: Water, Fire, Wind, Light and Darkness! It's simple to understand:

- Water beats Fire

- Fire is stronger than Wind

- Wind takes over from Water

- Light and Darkness counter each other

Of course, it is difficult at first to know by heart the type of each monster, but the developers have thought of everything! Here's how to find your way around: in battle, the element of a monster is visible thanks to the colour of the circle indicating its level.

- Red for Fire

- Orange for the Wind

- Blue for Water

- Golden for the Light

- Violet for the Darkness

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Guide: Gameplay and game mechanics 2

The gameplay of Lost Centuria is quite classic, but offers some interesting subtleties. During your fights, you have a maximum of 4 cards in your hand (out of 11 in total: 8 monsters + 3 summoner spells) that you can use thanks to your mana points. These 4 cards can randomly represent one of your 3 spells and/or 3 to 4 of your monsters. To use them during the fight, you must spend your mana points according to the cost of the monster or the spell you wish to use (between 2 and 6 mana points). Don't worry, your mana will gradually increase over time to allow you to perform other actions.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Guide: Gameplay and game mechanics 3

To gain an advantage over your opponent, the "counter" system has been implemented in this game, offering a very dynamic dimension to the fights. At any time, you can counter your opponent's action by using a counterspell (skill of one of your monsters or summoner spell). But make sure you have enough mana points to launch your counter at the right moment! This way, you can turn a fight around and gain a very decisive advantage. This counter system adds real depth to the gameplay and will require you to be reactive and know how to make good decisions.

Finally, it's good to know that monocible monsters and spells will always attack the frontline monster (with some exceptions). While monsters and spells attacking in zone with AoE will attack all the enemies or will target only the frontline or the backline!

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