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Moonlight Sculptor Beginner Guide -Best Class Tier List

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Moonlight Sculptor Beginner Guide -Best Class Tier List 1

Here, we will show you a list of Moonlight Sculptor's best tiers of 2021, because the tier list is the best way to start your Moonlight Sculptor journey. In this game, you will find that many classes have their own specialties and roles. However, some classes have better skills and statistics than others, which is why we may need a grade list guide to understand which classes are best for you.



Moonlight Sculptor Beginner Guide -Best Class Tier List 2

Mage uses high IQ to summon all kinds of element magic. Mage is a great DPS profession, he wears cloth armor. Mages are good at AOE damage, so they will cause a lot of damage, but they are mainly targeted at one area, so of course they are very suitable for farming.

Recommended data:

  • Intelligence 73 (Legendary Weapon Wear Conditions) + Charisma 33 (Lizard Taming Conditions) → Full Wisdom
  • Certain power→(initialization)→intelligence 73→quanzhi



Moonlight Sculptor Beginner Guide -Best Class Tier List 3

Warrior is a melee class that uses two-handed weapons to make heavy blows. The warrior will become your main tank in the game, and another thing about the warrior is that it is equipped with heavy armor and a very powerful two-handed sword, with the highest weapon attack in the game The warrior is really good in the early stage. You can clear the monster with two hits in the early stage, so if you want to be strong in the early stage, I definitely recommend you to use the warrior class in the early stage.

Recommended data

  • Strength 70 → Agility (105~115%) + Strength
  • Strength 70 → Full Agility




Moonlight Sculptor Beginner Guide -Best Class Tier List 4

The archer is a long-range profession that can fight with tamed monsters. The archer is another excellent DPS and back row. It does not have as many AOEs as the mages. It has more single target focus. The equipment of the archer is light armor, bows and arrows, so the uniqueness of the archer glass is that it has a tame system, you can go to the wild, you can tame monsters, in fact you can own them as your pets. They will fight side by side with you in battle, so this is a very unique game style about archers.

Recommended data

  • Full AGI
  • Achievement 33 → AGI → (initialization) → all agility (appropriate charm equipment)
  • AGI 70 → All charms




Moonlight Sculptor Beginner Guide -Best Class Tier List 5

Alchemists use various chemicals and the power of Homunculus to fight. The alchemist is a spell damage is a spell damage dagger, so he does do magic damage, his second weapon is a flask, the flask is where he throws the potion at you, which makes him a ranged

Recommended data

  • ALL INT-Increase damage and quickly clear monsters
  • WIS-PVP-oriented people can go this way



Moonlight Sculptor Beginner Guide -Best Class Tier List 6

As a disciple of the goddess Freya, the paladin protects allies from hostile forces. The paddle is easy to play, it is an auxiliary sub-tank, and it is the only occupation with a healing function, so the Paladin is actually very good in PVE and PVP. If you really want to play a more supportive class, it must be a Paladin. Paladins may be more sought after than fighters, because the paddling lesson is the only treatment for your team as well as buffering and paddling. It can also act as a secondary fuel tank. The Paladin will cause slow damage, so don't expect him to cause a lot of damage.

Recommended data

  • Constitution 70 (legacy weapon wearing status) + Strength 65 (legacy armor wearing status) → full agility
  • Strength 65, agility (105~115% hit) → all physique
  • Strength 65 (requires wearing legendary armor), all agility → (initialization) → physique, agility, power distribution


How to distribute data:
Just click the icon in the upper left corner. Upgrade to have additional attribute point allocation data

Moonlight Sculptor Beginner Guide -Best Class Tier List 7

Moonlight Sculptor Beginner Guide -Best Class Tier List 8

The above is the introduction of Moonlight Sculptor Best Class Tier List. If there is a new update for the game, we will also comment on it.


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