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Height Increase - Increase Height Workout, Taller

Health & Fitness

Last updated: 2021-08-31

Developer:Leap Fitness Group

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Game Information
 Dreaming of becoming taller? 
Wanna increase height after 18? 
Wanna know how to improve height naturally? 
Do you want to look more attractive and boost your self-confidence? 

👉You can find all answers in this app! 

60% of height is determined by genes inherited from parents, however, 40% of that is affected by external factors, including nutrition, exercise and sleep.

Affected by genes, if parents are high, their children are likely to be high. So many people may concern, if parents are not high, can children have a chance to be taller? Yes. Height is also affected by other external factors besides genes. This science-based app provides effective height increase exercises, diet plans and height-increasing tips. You can maximize your height naturally at home and get a better body shape in weeks! 

For Everyone
- Male & Female 
- Adults & Kids  

Increase Height Workout
- All workouts are designed by professionals 
- Easy-to-understand animation and video guidance 
- Effective stretching exercise, yoga, aerobic exercise, etc 
- Fast workout, just 8-14 minutes a day 

Diet Plan 
- Daily diet plan aims to up your chances to maximize your height 
- Recommend different nutrient rich foods (calcium, protein, vitamins) for height growth 

Height Increase Tip 
- Useful tips to help you achieve your goal faster 
- Tips on food, exercise, posture, dressing, etc 

Sleep Tracker for Height Growth 
- Set target sleep duration to get enough sleep 
- Record your daily sleep time
- Track your sleep in graph 

- Grow taller during and after puberty 
- Effective and scientific height growth workouts 
- No age limit 
- Nutrition suggestions 
- Height increase tips about growing taller in the best way 
- Witness your progress in weeks
- Customize your own workout plan 
- Track your sleep in graphs 
- Easily exercise at home or anywhere, anytime 
- Set a daily reminder to motivate you to exercise 

Workout Apps 
Looking for a fitness app? Want to grow taller with height increase workout app? This fitness app is specially designed for those who want to increase inches naturally with exercise at home.
Home Workout App
This is not just a fitness app, but more like your personal fitness coach, providing you with tailored home workout. Stick to this home exercise app, you will get your dream body soon.

Wanna Workout at Home?
It's possible to increase height with the proven taller exercise. If you can’t find a satisfied home exercise app, just try this one. The height increasing exercise in this app is science-based and proven by millions of users. Use this height increase app to grow taller!

Increase Height
Combined with taller exercise tips, this height increase app will help you improve your height faster.

Short Exercises
Looking for a height increase workout app to exercise at home? We provide you short & effective exercises in this home exercise app to help you exercise at home and grow taller.

Taller Exercise for Everyone
This app has simple and effective height increase exercise. Whether you are male or female, you can always find height increasing exercise that suits you.
Emulator Features

With a smart button scheme and image recognition function, provide a more concise UI, and support custom button mapping to meet different needs.

Run multiple games independently at the same time, easily manage multiple accounts, play games while hanging.

One-time recording of complex operations, just click once to free hands, automatically manage and run specific scripts.

Break through FPS limit, and enjoy a seamless gaming experience without lag and delay!

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Installation Guide

How to download Height Increase - Increase Height Workout, Taller on PC

  • ① Download and install MuMu Player on your PC

  • ② Start MuMu Player and complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store

  • ③ Search Height Increase - Increase Height Workout, Taller in App center

  • ④ Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Height Increase - Increase Height Workout, Taller

  • ⑤ Once installation completes, click the game icon to start the game

  • ⑥ Enjoy playing Height Increase - Increase Height Workout, Taller on your PC with MuMu Player

Recommended Configuration

It is recommended to use MuMu Player 

Recommended configuration: CPU 4-core + RAM 4G+ System i5+ Graphics Card GTX750Ti+ 

VT Required >> How to enable VT 

Recommended performance settings: 2-core&2G 

>> How to adjust performance settings

Graphics rendering mode can be either Speed+ or Compatible+

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