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banQi—the free digital bank for everyone

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Last Updated: 26Thu Aug, 2021

How to play

  • 1
    Download and install MuMu Player on your PC
  • 2
    Launch MuMu Player and complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store
  • 3
    Look for banQi—the free digital bank for everyone in App center
  • 4
    Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install banQi—the free digital bank for everyone
  • 5
    Once installation completes, click the game icon to start the game
  • 6
    Enjoy playing banQi—the free digital bank for everyone on your PC with MuMu Player
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We listened and created this digital bank 100% free and 100% made for you.

say goodbye to credit analysis and the bureaucracy of traditional banks. With banQi, you can open a digital account in just a few minutes, request your free banQi Mastercard, and can start banking without any lines or fees. Get to know the free digital bank that was made for you!  

advantages of banQi
🌟Free account: no fees and no complications. Opening an account in banQi is absolutely free!
💳 Free banQi Mastercard: use your banQi balance for any purchase with zero fees.
⚡Free virtual card: available in the app instantly; a more secure alternative for making online purchases.
👍Simple to use: with banQi, you can open your account and get started in the app, in just a few minutes. 
🏠  No bureaucracy:open your account with just a few personal details, including: cell phone number, mother’s name and CPF.
🏆No proof-of-income needed: banQi is for everyone.
📱Payments with QR code:  forgot your card at home? With banQi you can make purchases by scanning the QR code with your cell phone.

What you can do with banQi:
• pay anywhere that accepts Mastercard with your free prepaid banQi card
• pay boletos without leaving home;
• send money free and instantly to anyone with a smartphone;
• pay for subscriptions, like Uber, Rappi, Netflix and more, shop or pay bills online with your banQi virtual card
• control your finances by seeing all past purchases and your account balance in the banQi app
• recharge your Bilhete Único without having to face lines (available only in São Paulo);
• deposit into banQi account at any Casas Bahia, as well as manage and pay your Casas Bahia carnês with ease;
• recharge your pre-paid phone with the maximum of ease;
• add money to your account without complication, in the way that works best for you;
• make international purchases using your banQi card
• earn a referral bonus when your friends start using banQi;
• and so much more! 

Download the app and see for yourself the advantages of banking with banQi, the free digital bank that was made for you.  

Want to know more about banQi? Get in touch with us:
WhatsApp: 0800 205 3283
Central de Atendimento (Brazil): 3003-3283 - Capitais e Regiões Metropolitanas | 0800-205-3283 - Demais localidades.

* The bank is merely illustrative. banQi is a non-financial institution that offers the services of account managing, payment services and other benefits to it’s users, in accordance to the standards of Banco Central do Brasil. 

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