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The best emulator and settings to run Diablo: Immortal International server
Latest Update Time:2022-06-02

1. Recommended emulator version for MuMu Player Android 6, 64-bit, version 2.6.29:  https://a11.gdl.netease.com/MuMuInstaller_1.4.2.6_overseas-v2.6.29.0x64_all_1653567911.exe

Android 11 latest version:>> https://a11.gdl.netease.com/MuMuInstaller_11.0.0.0_11b-gw-overseas_all_1648721183.exe

Android 9 emulator has not yet checked the adaptation, Android 32-bit version will not be able to install the game, >> Learn how to upgrade from a 32-bit emulator to a 64-bit emulator: https://www.mumuglobal.com/faq/replace-32-bit-emulator-with-64-bit.html

At the same time, version 2.6.29 of the emulator supports the international service directly connected to the handle, insert the handle without having to set it, and the game will appear to handle mapping.
2. It is recommended to open the "rendering acceleration" function of the emulator through the upper right corner of the emulator - Settings Center - Advanced Settings, which can effectively reduce the lag.
3. After successfully entering the game, you can adjust the game quality settings all to the highest and have a better experience.

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