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Last updated: 2021-11-07
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Game Information
HORROR SQUID GAME lovers are gonna love it because this is an indie horror scary squid game challenge with 456 Korean players and 7 Amazing horror game evil challenges. This a challenge game with a lot of fun and thrill. Knock down your enemy in this horror squid game challenges 3d. You have to play all the horror challenges in scary horror squid game and don't get eliminated from squid game challenge because then you will be in a big trouble. Amazing Games to play in an evil haunted environment with squid people and Mugunghwa doll who plays Red light and Green light horror game with 456 numbers of playeSquid Game Horror House 3D in scary horror evil haunted monster doll game.

7 Horror Games to Play:

1 - Red Light, Green Light
2 - Dalgona Candy
3 - Tug-of-war
4 - The Midnight Fight
5 - Marbles
6 - Glass Stepping Stones
7 - The Squid Game

Red Light Green Light Horror Game:
This one is the most iconic game in Horror Squid Game thanks to the fact that it's the first game to be played and the terrifying image of that giant doll singing korean song. Giant doll sings a korean song and you have to run towards the doll and reach the line of survival and when doll turns her scary head, you have to stop immediately because if scary doll saw anyone moving then giant horror scary doll will shoot and kill him and he will be eliminated from the horror squid game scary challenge.

Dalgona Candy Cutting Shapes Game:
Carefully cut a shape from honeycomb cookie without breaking it. if anyone has successfully cut the honeycomb candy without breaking it then he will be promoted to play the next horror squid game challenge and if any one loses to cut the Dalgona candy shapes with breaking even a little bit then squid gamers will shoot you and you will be eliminated from horror game challenge

Tug-of-War, The Strong Looking Men Game:
If you know the smartest way to play the horror scary challenge game Tug of war then you are a pro player in scary games 3d. Tug of war game is toughest game of all times because you have to team up with the strongest guys in the game to win without any doubt so choose your team with strong men to win and if you lose then you will fall down 1000 meters in mouth of death so be careful and team up with strong guys you know in the horror scary squid game challenge.

The Mid-Night Fight Horror Criteria:
456 Squid Game Players are sleeping and are in a horror dream of not being eliminated in scary evil house challenges. You have to kill different numbers of squid scary players which are visible in dark mode. Once night came, the lights switched off and an all-out war took place between the game players. What made it even more stressful, though, was the entire thing was played out with the most extreme flashing strobe lights we've ever seen.

Scary Glass Bridge Stepping Game:
Tempered Glass or Non-Tempered Glass? Players had to make their way over a bridge made of glass stepping stones. Half of the glass breaks while half remains intact when players step on it. This is very horror challenge game because if you step on non-tempered glass then you are gonna fall down by breaking the glass in this horror squid game scary house challenge 3d.

Play All Games of Horror Squid Game Challenge and Check that if you can survive the horror challenges with 456 players and in all 7 horror games.
Emulator Features

With a smart button scheme and image recognition function, provide a more concise UI, and support custom button mapping to meet different needs.

Run multiple games independently at the same time, easily manage multiple accounts, play games while hanging.

One-time recording of complex operations, just click once to free hands, automatically manage and run specific scripts.

Break through FPS limit, and enjoy a seamless gaming experience without lag and delay!

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Installation Guide

How to download Squid Game Horror House 3D on PC

  • ① Download and install MuMu Player on your PC

  • ② Start MuMu Player and complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store

  • ③ Search Squid Game Horror House 3D in App center

  • ④ Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Squid Game Horror House 3D

  • ⑤ Once installation completes, click the game icon to start the game

  • ⑥ Enjoy playing Squid Game Horror House 3D on your PC with MuMu Player

Recommended Configuration

It is recommended to use MuMu Player 

Recommended configuration: CPU 4-core + RAM 4G+ System i5+ Graphics Card GTX750Ti+ 

VT Required >> How to enable VT 

Recommended performance settings: 2-core&2G 

>> How to adjust performance settings

Graphics rendering mode can be either Speed+ or Compatible+

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