Two new ships have just been added to Infinite Lagrange's update


Two new ships have just been added to Infinite Lagrange's update

Infinite Lagrange's latest update introduces two new powerful ships

Two new ships have just been added to Infinite Lagrange's update. The FSV830-Fast Combat Support Ship and the SL9 Heavy Torpedo Corvette will be included in the space simulator. These will upgrade the game's existing support, supply, and firepower mechanisms.

FSV830-Fast Combat Support Ship

The oldest ships in the history of space exploration are essentially supported ships. With a considerably better design and cutting-edge tactical and strategic characteristics, this new ship wants to upend things. Amazing features of the FSV830 include a BSY-7000 Large Docking Jetty and an onboard mining UAV with astounding ore cutting and refining capabilities. The spacecraft can also remotely create minerals it directly extracts from resource nodes. With its enormous powers, this beast of a flight can concurrently provide, maintain, and manufacture.

SL9 Heavy Torpedo Corvette

The SL9 Shipyard, the premier designer in the solar system, is responsible for the second ship. Thanks to its three Supernova - M"-AT-3-210M Torpedo Bombardment Systems, which have been strengthened even further, this aircraft excels in counterattacking and firepower. The Corvette considerably increases its survivability by relying on the fundamental strategies of attacking from behind and moving between the enemy's back and the supply line. Officers searching for a competent all-around fighter will do well with this ship.

The SL9 and FSC830 will be excellent additions to your fleet of ships. They each have their own advantages, such as being excellent as a supporting ship or one that can fully replenish the adversaries. Which one do you intend to choose? Download  Infinite Lagrange on MuMu Player!



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