Tier List of Oath of Peak


Tier List of Oath of Peak

Oath of Peak has the potential to be a good MMORPG. The foundations are there with solid exploration and customization. The animation isn't the best and while I appreciate that some people like more casual MMOs, it would be nice if there was more challenge. At the very least it would be nice if you couldn't auto-battle your way through more enemies once you get a high enough level. In this article, MuMu Player will introduce you with the character classes in this game.


oath of peak class

There are a total of five different classes in the game that you can choose from when you start:

  • Alkaid: Melee tank that uses a greatsword

oath of peak Alkaid


  • Megrez: Ranged DPS that uses a brush (Ancient Chinese pen)

oath of peak megrez


  • Dubhe: Melee burst that duo yielding a sword

oath of peak dubhe


  • Phecd: Ranged healer that uses a gourd

oath of peak phecd


  • Alioth: Ranged DPS that control puppets, like the drone caster in Arknights

oath of peak Alioth


Despite the classes being different, everyone here has some sort of damage-dealing skills, so it doesn't matter which one you choose to be honest. Even the Phecd who is healing support can kill stuff pretty easily, so just go with whichever takes your fancy. They each have decent attack combos that can be easily executed in the heat of battle. 

The combat is pretty easy overall though. Like a lot of Mobile MMORPGs, once you reach a certain level, all you need to do is just turn on the auto-battle and watch them go, you'll likely never lose a round. That being said, there are actually quite a lot of things that you can do in the game other than just mindlessly farming the enemies. 

oath of peak combat

Another interesting aspect of the game is that you can get these cute little pet creatures called Spirits. They are sort of like pokemon, where you have to seek them out, battle them and then seal them up. Once you have one, you can summon them to fight with you in battle. You can also breed them to get more, much like Pokemon. I wonder if they come with EVs as well. 

oath of peak pet


Download this game with MuMu Player now and explore the new world by yourself!

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