Revived Witch :The Spring Festival Update


Revived Witch :The Spring Festival Update

Revived Witch is a fantastic RPG game from YoStar Limited that enables the players to become witches and travel between multiple worlds to meet their destiny. And it's  now ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year by organising new events for the game. Dear witches, it's time to scroll down to a new chapter with New Year! Let's play Revived Witch on PC with MuMu Player!

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Revived Witch updated to its latest version on Jan.25th. 2022. It  brings new events and content for its engaging players. And all these are welcoming to the world for the Chinese New year celebration.

Chinese New Year brings us two introductory events in Revived Witch, let's have a look of them.

1. Sign in gifts

The event is scheduled from 25th of Januaryto 15th of February .So during 14 days, Revived Witch players are going to receive a set of gifts when log in the game. 

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1st day:  2x basic runestones

2nd day: 20x advanced skill pacts

3rd day: 2x basic runestones

4th day: 1x stamina flasks

5th day: 2x average rune stones

6th day: 1x stamina elixir

7th day: Soul cryolite

8th day: 2x basic runestones

9th day: 2x pacts of advanced skill

10th day: The Kyphon Festive Mood: a costume for the underworld deliverer 

11th day: a stamina flask

12th day: 2x average rune stones

13th day: A stamina elixir

14th day: a soul cryolite

2.Budding Fortune

This is the second event for the chinese new year update on Revived Witch. But this event will only be available for the players who completed their main story from stages 2-2. So if a player wants to take part in this event, try to complete the main story first.

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>>MuMu Player provides you smooth play experience at high FPS on PC in game Revived Witch. Besides, you could set up your special and precise control way on your keyboard and mouse.




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