RAID: Shadow Legends Recommended Starting Champions


RAID: Shadow Legends Recommended Starting Champions

First of all, I must stress that there is no "wrong" choice here. Each starting champion in RAID: Shadow Legends has his own set of skills that are useful in different situations and teams. Galek has the highest average rating in each game mode (chosen by the player) and he may be the 2022 champion, but as we said before, don't worry. If you like other characters. Ultimately, it's the later decisions that have more impact on the game. Aside from all that, you can read our article of starting champions below.

RAID Shadow Legends is a unique, turn-based mobile game where you battle fearsome enemies with three other heroes. From small foes to large bosses, it throws a little bit of everything at you during your combat-filled adventures.

When you start the game, you will first go through a short tutorial explaining the basics of the combat system, while also doing some small dialogue. After that, the first champion can be decided. We will briefly discuss it today. So, if you decided to close the game at that point because you weren't sure then don't worry, we'll help you get an idea. Just remember, at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

So, you're wondering which Champion you should start off with in RAID Shadow Legends, right? Well, you've come to the right place so feel free to fire the game back up when you're ready, it's safe, friend. But at the start, you'll be able to choose between four different champions.

They are; Elhain of the High Elves who is an archer. We now go over to Kael of the Dark Elves faction who is a mage. In the next corner, we say hello to Galek of the Orcs who is a warrior with brute strength. And last but not least, we say greetings to Athel who represents the Sacred Order faction and is a knight.

Each of these skilled champions offers significant advantages, but Athel of the Sacred Order is great to start due to its attributes. She has the most balanced attributes of all four heroes, including the group's highest defense (204). She also has the second highest HP (2,805). These two things she combines are very helpful.

Her attack power is the lowest but it's still a solid 216. She is also the second-fastest character as well to go along with a Skill that gives her offensive and defensive buffs while another one has her dish out a punishing three-hit combo. All in all, Athel is a very balanced warrior that can certainly help you out early on.

Elhain is a good choice if you want more health or attack power. She has the highest her HP (2,955) and speed (107), and is on par with Kael with attack power (229). Elhain's only major drawback is that her defense is only 182. Please note it as well. Apart from that, however, these champions all have similar abilities, and her abilities focus on AoE. This makes sense as most of the starting content (and subsequent content) is about defeating a a team of mobs or champions. As we said; there is no wrong choice when choosing your first champion. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the faction you like most.

We have to note that most of the new players pick Galek. It might have something to do with the fact that his face is featured on every ad for the game, as well as the icons on Google Play and App Store. However, as we stated before, you should just pick the starter champion that you like the most, as there are no real wrong choices here.


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