Ragnarok Begins is now available in US and Canada for Android and iOS


Ragnarok Begins is now available in US and Canada for Android and iOS

Ragnarok Begins is a popular MMORPG developed and published by Gravity Interactive, which is now available in Canada and the United States. Ragnarok Begins is now available worldwide for PC, but only in the United States and Canada for mobile. The epic action-packed combat game is set in a vast fantasy world full of adventures and mysterious monsters. The game had previously gone through a closed beta test in October.

The Classic Ragnarok Art Styled MMORPG transports players to the fictional world of Midgard. Ragnarok Begins is the first Ragnarok IP-based side-scrolling arcade-styled MMORPG, and players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience.


Discover Legendary Kingdoms and fight mysterious monsters in the vast Fantasy World

The popular MMORPG has cross-platform gameplay and a massive story as players reveal mysteries and conflicts. Players can use a single account across PC and mobile devices thanks to cross-platform gameplay. Players can now save their progress on a PC and resume playing on a mobile phone, and vice versa.

The game takes place in a vast fantasy world filled with enigmatic dragons and monsters, Legendary Kingdoms, and unique landscapes and mythical dungeons. Aside from the extensive storyline, players can also test their skills in the Endless Tower. In the Arena of Valhalla, they can also take part in group PVP and ranked battles.

Ragnarok Begins includes autoplay functions to ensure a smooth gameplay experience for its players. It allows precise control of area-of-effect abilities with some dynamic action combat with nontargeting features. The game allows players to customize and upgrade their weapons through multiple progression systems.


Ragnarok Begins is available to play on Android and iOS devices

Ragnarok Begins is currently only available on mobile in the United States and Canada. In contrast, the popular MMORPG has been released globally for PC. Players in the United States and Canada can get it on their Android and iOS devices.



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