Punishing: Gray Raven Codes July 2022


Punishing: Gray Raven Codes July 2022

With its global launch, PGR also gathered a lot of players interested in trying out this amazing iOS RPG for themselves. And here we are, sharing all the latest in-game gift codes so you can also enjoy some free constructs and resources! 

You can use the following PGR codes for the Taiwan server, and the first two can be redeemed on the Global server!

  • 1stanniversary0g
  • wearegrayraven0g
  • pgrhappybirthday0g



In order to redeem these PGR codes, simply follow the steps below. It should be the same for both iOS and Android users, but if anything changes, do let us know! 

Step 1: Complete the tutorial and head on to the main (home) screen in the game
Step 2: Tap on the notifications icon on the left side of the screen
Step 3: On the bottom right side of the screen you will see a box where you can input your code Type the gift code there, and then redeem it

That's it! Simple enough, right?

When it comes to the active Punishing Gray Raven codes, however, things are a little bit different. In the Global version, we didn't actually have any live and working codes. Lately, developers decided to help us out and instead of dropping gifts for Taiwan only, the rest of us are getting some love and free gifts too!




To get more Gray Raven's codes, you can try to follow the game's official Facebook page or Twitter. All the major updates are typically announced there, so you can add these to your daily follow accounts! Or, you could just bookmark this page as we are going to update it regularly! 


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