Primitive Era 10000 BC: Best tips for the beginners


Primitive Era 10000 BC: Best tips for the beginners

Primitive Era 10000 BC is a strategy game in which players are given the opportunity to build their very own community from the ground up. For players to effectively defend their villages, much consideration and planning must go into constructing new structures and positioning existing ones.

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Every town also has its own set of residents, and to ensure that those villagers have enough food to sustain themselves, players need to construct farms. Following the completion of a certain number of narrative missions, the player will be promoted to a new period, providing access to a greater geographical region and more construction options.

The game has a number of intriguing elements, and the greatest thing is that each element comes along with the construction as well, which enables the player to plan out their moves strategically and construct one of the most beautiful towns possible. In addition, there are barracks, soldiers, and Heroes included in the game. These characters serve as the primary guardians of the community.

Here MuMu Player has prepared a list of tips for beginners of this new game!



  • Players must construct increasing structures and storage spaces so that every villager can efficiently use the available resources. Upgrading the storage regularly is required for players to be able to keep additional goods for the villagers. The players' primary attention should be on ensuring they have access to food and water since this is the most critical component.

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  • Players must acquire as many Heroes as they possibly can. Because heroes are the only ones who can protect the villages, constant recruiting allows the villages to acquire more strong heroes than they have ever had before. The players will have an easier time defending their town due to this.


  • Players are required to finish all the many tasks they are being given, whether solo, daily or main; players are required to take all of the missions seriously and finish them to get valuable prizes and resources. If players put a little more of their attention on solo missions, they will be in a better position to go on to the next level of the game, which will be to their benefit.

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  • Players must keep additional materials such as stones, wood logs, pelts, and charcoal in their inventory. After locating food and water, they may discover the next most significant things in the game. After prioritizing the players' ability to maintain their existence, the next priority should be to concentrate on the means by which they can maintain their survival.


  • Players are also responsible for training their forces, including archers and infantry. Because they are the primary troop members that players may place with heroes to battle against other towns, players are required to improve them consistently.

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