Grand Cross W: Netmarble announces beta test for its latest strategy game


Grand Cross W: Netmarble announces beta test for its latest strategy game

The beta test of Grand Cross W, a brand-new 4X strategy simulation game, has been announced by Netmarble, a top producer and distributor of high-quality mobile games. Players will enjoy the thrill of tactical, massive fights between planets and servers with 2D anime-style graphics.

Battles have broken out all over the globe of Skyna in Grand Cross W, as a result of the invasion of the armies of Chaos. In an effort to rebuild the war-torn region, players will work with the main character Layla as they raise armies, erect structures, and equip troops. The magical power of Lapis can be used to cast heroes from other realms (the Transcendants of Grand Cross) and win battles.


Enjoy large-scale and real-time siege wars in Grand Cross W

Large-scale, immersive, real-time siege conflicts on land and in the air are a characteristic of the game. Single Player stages, World (Field) and Capturing, Castle War, Server vs. Server War, Story Chapters and Territory Expansion, and Territory Customization are just a few of the game types that will be accessible to all players.

Battles can be won by commanding a variety of unit types, including infantry, archers, cavalry, and combat engineers. Air units and ranged archers introduce new strategic elements to the game and have the power to change the course of a conflict. Players can assault across rivers in long-range warfare, while air forces can cross significant mountain ranges.


How to take part in the Grand Cross W beta test

Starting from the 19th of August, 2022, a beta testing program for Grand Cross W will be held. Starting on August 7, players can download the game on Android. In the future, the full game will be accessible on Android, and iOS devices.



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