Being A Golden Bros Today!


Being A Golden Bros Today!

Netmarble's highly anticipated causal mobile shooter – Golden Bros has finally arrived on Android and iOS. It combines elements of fast and intense combat with blockchain technology, something most new games seem to be including these days.

In Golden Bros, players will engage in rapid, 3v3 battles that will last no longer than three minutes. The gameplay is action-packed and chaotic as the tables can turn at any moment thanks to the Capsule Abilities. The only way to succeed is by being on your feet at all times and adapting to everything thrown at you. Players must employ tactical moves while selecting a strong configuration as the game is as much a battle of the wits, as it is of shooting.

To celebrate Golden Bros' launch, Netmarble is hosting various in-game events to horde a tonne of rewards. The Bros Pass event, which will available until August 26th allows players to earn 450x Lady Thunder Gene, 2x Emotes, 2x Portraits, and 2x Name Tags for completing certain missions. Between August 8th and 14th, players will jump into the shoes of Jennifer as they defeat a difficult boss to earn an Emote and 10x Jennifer Gene. Finally, the Mission Event that is to be held between August 15th and 21st will reward players with 150x Master Kung Gene, 2x Equipment Chest, and an Equipment Selection Chest on finishing a bunch of missions.

As we transition from the early access period to the grand launch, all eGBP earnt will be converted into Red Gadget, where one Red Gadget equals 100 eGBP. Being on higher tiers will allow for greater opportunities to mine GBC, which also serves to steer players away from cheating the system.

Can't wait to go all guns blazing? Then play Golden Bros now on MuMu!


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