Garena Free Fire - Rampage is back again


Garena Free Fire - Rampage is back again

Garena Free Fire's popular Rampage campaign returns for its fourth and most electrifying edition this June! Titled Rampage: United, the campaign will introduce fans and players to an exciting new story, which will see, for the first time, all the characters from the last three Rampage campaigns unite under generation one's Tyson Brontes (The Director) to save the city. 


Starting June 17, fans and players can expect a supercharged lineup of Rampage in-game events, a new interface and gameplay, character costumes, rewards, masks, and more, all culminating in Peak Day on June 25.

A mysterious object at the center of the battle and the fray

In Rampage: United, the Director will unite previous Rampage heroes to battle three new villains, the forces of the Horizon, who possess strong powers tied to various weather elements. The villains are Zephyr (Fierce Wind), Misty (Heavy Rain) and Nimbus (Dark Cloud).


The Director and the assembled heroes of Rampage will take on the forces of the Horizon to get their hands on the Hyperbook, a mysterious object containing powerful weapons. The future of the city hangs in the balance as a battle forms to ensure that the evil intentions of the Horizon forces do not materialize.

In Rampage: United, Free Fire fans and players will be among the first in the world to see this battle unfold.


"Awaken the Power Within" to defeat the forces of Horizon.

This year's Rampage campaign focuses on the motto, "Awaken the Power Within," a call for all fans and players to join the Director and his army to protect the city, as well as discover their unlimited potential in Free Fire and in real life.


Many more exciting surprises await fans and players. Play Garena Free Fire with MuMu Player.



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