Best Tips for Beginners of Disgaea RPG


Best Tips for Beginners of Disgaea RPG

Disgaea RPG mobile game is one of the very few games that become more difficult as you pass the stages and spend more time playing the game. There are many tips and tricks for playing the game that may help you along the way in the game as it keeps on becoming more difficult.

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1. Mastering A Weapon

You can achieve maximum skill in a weapon in various ways which include reincarnating characters. This helps a lot and mastering a particular weapon that the character has and the skill level is increased only when you consume particular kinds of items that are good for the weapon you have at the current time.


Appropriate usage of weapons can also help those weapons level themselves up and this is a task that is not only interesting but also very beneficial. Since this is an RPG game, a lot of the evolution of the weapon is depending upon a lot of other things you do in the game.When the skill level of the weapon is increased after you have reduced certain skill levels in general you will be able to use these weapons in combat and these characters will keep gaining new weapons as the previous is mastered.

2. Reroll Before Beginning

One of the most important tips for Disgaea RPG is to start with the best unit that you can make for yourself. There is a huge chance that when you are new in the game you would not be able to figure out which of the skills or units are going to prove the best for you. You can also turn to this page>>Disgaea RPG Tier List (January 2023) Disgaea RPG has a rolling feature that you can use to help yourself get the strongest unit which will be proven beneficial later on in the game as it keeps becoming more difficult.

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3. Empty Your Energy Before Closing The Game

Disgaea RPG is a game that has an energy system involved. This makes the game better and more exciting because you cannot do a lot of tasks in one go. People often tend to spend a lot of time on video games and that is the main reason why the energy system was involved in a lot of games. Smartphone games are easier to access and you could play this game anytime if it did not have an energy bar that keeps lowering as you play the game.


This is designed in such a way that the energy bar fills up after a long time. This is the reason why this secret tip is recommended to you while playing the game Disgaea RPG. It is very basic but get the energy bar close to zero before leaving the game once you have started playing it. This way, the time that you are away will be utilized in feeling your energy bar to its full level. All the remaining energy should be utilized before you quit the game and then when you sleep or do other things, the game would very well be refilling its energy.

4. Don't Consume The Dark Gates Before Doing This

There is a daily reset for dark gates and these important resources are necessary while playing the game and include HL, EXP, and more. The reset happens at midnight and a lot of the players tend to take the important resources as soon as it is available to them but the secret tip for RPG Disgaea dark gates is to wait for at least 3 hours before taking these resources away.


The main reason behind this is the fact that when you wait for a long time, you will be able to unlock more important things which may include reincarnation materials as well. These are so important in the gameplay of this game that if you wait for the resources before collecting, you would be more benefit in the long run of the game.

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5. Prinnies Are Beneficial

Prinnies are Demon Penguins of the game and these are important to awaken your main characters. In the game; when you are in trouble, you would need Prinnies to wake the main character that you are playing with and decent units are also given with the summoning process.

For more information and a better experience of the gameplay, you can follow all of these tips and download this game in MuMu Player!

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