Black Desert Mobile: 2022 New Year Event


Black Desert Mobile: 2022 New Year Event


[🅴🆅🅴🅽🆃 1] 2022 New Year Gift Chest

Happy New Year!

As Black Desert Mobile approaches the new year, we have a special gift for all of our adventurers.

Login in-game to receive [2022 New Year Gift Chest], which contains [Black Pearl], [Tear of the Goddess], and other rewards!

We cannot thank you enough for being with us over the last year, and we can't wait for you to see what new memories are in store for the new year!

📢 Event Period
Jan (Sat) 0:00 - Until Jan 10 (Mon), 23:59
📢 Event Details

Tap the [Receive Reward] button in the event page to receive [2022 New Year Gift Chest].

[🅴🆅🅴🅽🆃 2] 2022 New Year Selection Missions

These are the 2022 New Year Selection Missions!

What kind of new year's resolutions will our adventurers make? You can complete your selected mission to receive a full set of abyssal accessories!

Also Complete the daily missions to receive [100% Hot Time (3 Hours)], [Fortune Scroll (1 Hour)], and [Restoration Scroll].

※ The selective mission rewards will all be the same.

📢 Event Period
After maintenance on Dec 28 (Tue) - Until Jan 10 (Mon), 23:59

📢 Event Details
1) Tap the gift icon on the right side of the minimap to open the event menu.
2) Tap the [Claim] button inside the event screen to receive [2022 New Year Mission Selection Chest].
3) Open the chest and select one of the three following mission items to receive.
- Life Mission Diary
- Defeat Enemy Mission Diary
- Login Mission Diary
4) Select your desired mission to reveal the related mission banner.
※ You will be unable to change your selected mission.

[3 Missions]

1) Life Mission

    Reward Amount
Forage 10 Hot Time 100% (3 Hours) 1
Mine 10 Fortune Scroll (1 Hour) 1
Log 10 Restoration Scroll 10

2) Defeat Enemy Mission

    Reward Amount
Defeat Enemies 10000 Hot Time 100% (3 Hours) 1
Defeat Enemies 15000 Fortune Scroll (1 Hour) 1
Defeat Enemies 20000 Restoration Scroll 100

3) Login Mission

    Reward Amount
Login Time 60 Hot Time 100% (3 Hours) 1
Login Time 120 Fortune Scroll (1 Hour) 1
Login Time 180 Restoration Scroll 100

[🅴🆅🅴🅽🆃 3] 2022 New Year Terrmian Cliff Open

Invite your friends to Terrmian Cliff, a special place to go fishing!

Catch fish during the event period and trade them for [Tear of the Goddess],

and clear the Terrmian Cliff questline to receive a reward that contains [Camp Manager Contract: Irene (3 Days)]!

📢 Event Period
After maintenance on Dec 28 (Tue) - Until Jan 3 (Mon), 23:59

📢 Fishing Event Period
Jan 1, 12:30-12:40, 20:30 - 20:40 (Server Time)
※ You may enter Terrmian Cliff outside of the fishing event times.

📢 Event Details

1) Begin the event by tapping the [Go to Terrmian Cliff] button and move to the event fishing spot.
※ A variety of fish can be caught at Terrmian Cliff.
2) Exchange the Terrmian Fish to obtain [Terrmian Merchant League's Emblem].
3) Obtain [Terrmian Merchant League's Emblem], then tap the [Exchange Items] button to exchange them for [Tear of the Goddess].
※ Log in during the event period to automatically receive the related Terrmian Cliff questline.
※ Complete all quests to receive [Camp Manager Contract: Irene (3 Days)] as a reward.

※ Please note that Black Spirit Mode > Auto-Fishing cannot be used in Terrmian Cliff.

📢 Obtainable Fish and Rewards

Fish Grade
Terrmian Bluefin Tuna Primal
Terrmian Bigeye Tuna Mystical
Terrmian Yellowfin Tuna Epic
Terrmian Mackerel Tuna Unique
Terrmian Skipjack Rare
Suspicious Letter Magic



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