Best Lords and Tactics S Tier List


Best Lords and Tactics S Tier List

People who play Lords and Tactics will eventually be encouraged to collect as many hero characters in the game for their kingdom. The game features a variety of unique characters that are inspired by the Three Kingdoms era in the east. Heroes play a vital role in your kingdom, acting as commanders to your armies and as champions when fighting in the arena. Players can have as many heroes as they can collect in their kingdom but only a handful will actually be used in the game.

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Therefore, MuMu Player will only be ranking that Legendary heroes of S tier here, since it is widely understood that they are the most powerful units in the game with the highest base stats and biggest stat growth out of all the available units. This makes them innately more valuable than the other heroes in the game, especially since their skills and abilities are also a level above the other characters in the game.


S Tier

The S Tier is where the best units in the game belong. These units are popular among the higher-ranked players in the game because they are irreplaceable in terms of their role in the team. In their role, other alternatives are inferior to the value that they bring to the team.

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Guan Yu is a powerful damage dealer who belongs to the Shu kingdom. He deals a heavy amount of physical damage to the entire enemy team by sweeping across them. In terms of raw damage, Guan Yu has the highest value out of any DPS not just among his faction, but also in the entire character roster. He also has good bulk despite being purely focused on being a DPS unit.

 Lords and Tactics Guanyu

The cavalry is probably the most valued character type in the game because they provide quick offensive options for players. Guan Yu has a monstrous strength stat that makes him great at dealing normal damage to the enemy team. He is undoubtedly the best character in the game which makes a lot of players choose the Shu faction over the others.


Guo Jia is a powerful damage dealer from the Wei kingdom. He has the most powerful AoE damaging ability in the form of his Icy Shower which deals a massive amount of damage to the entire enemy team. Out of all the Wei heroes, he has the most devastating damage ability which makes him the top choice for damage carries in the team.

 Lords and Tactics guojia

Guo Jia also has a nice balance of stats, where his intelligence shines to give him more value as a member of the team. Crossbows are also highly valued in the game because they are able to deal a large chunk of damage in quick succession.

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