Best Lords and Tactics B Tier List


Best Lords and Tactics B Tier List

The variety of characters in Lords and Tactics is nice since history buffs will enjoy collecting familiar names and recalling their roles in the war during the time period. However, players who are only interested in the power of a hero will most likely only care about which heroes are powerful or not, and ignore the function of tactics in matching some less powerful heros. That is why MuMu Player has prepared this B tier list of heros that will rank some of the less powerful units in the game depending on how popular they are in the current arena's ranked ladder.


If you are interested in those more powerful heros, you can check our S tier list and A tier list of heros in Lords and Tactics.


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B Tier

The B Tier units are the final part of the best units in the game. Their usage is pretty niche and they are often added to teams but they have a very small utility that they are replaceable. However, they are definitely the best at what they do even though they are not as popular.

Zhang Fei


Zhuge Liang is a unique case in that he acts like a support but he's actually a heavy-hitting damage dealer. He is from the Shu kingdom. His ability allows him to deal a ton of damage but only if the enemy takes damage after he casts this skill. This means that he is heavily reliant on an ally to help him meet the requirement.

 Lords and Tactics Zhugeliang

This might sound like a bad ability but the damage he deals with is ridiculously high. However, he needs to have one damage dealer alongside him to fully maximize his utility in battle meaning the player has to sacrifice using a frontline tank or a support healer. 


Gan Ning is the first entry from the very unpopular Wu kingdom. The only reason why Wu isn't such a popular faction in the game is that the top players prefer using Shu while others try to counter it using Wei. However, players who play Wu will definitely want to have the kingdom's top unit in Gan Ning

 Lords and Tactics Gan ning

This unit has a ridiculous ability that deals a heavy amount of damage to the entire enemy team and then lowers their defense for two turns. This means that your team will have an easier time sweeping the enemy. If only the meta wasn't so heavily tilted in the favor of the Shu kingdom, Gan Ning would lead the Wu to the top ranks.

MuMu player


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