Best Lords and Tactics A Tier List


Best Lords and Tactics A Tier List

For the game Lords and Tactics, all the heroes also have some importances which we discussed in our S tier list that'll teach players the importance of managing your kingdom's resources to achieve dominance. In this tier list, MuMu Player will mostly talk about the combat prowess of A tier heros so players who are looking to be more aggressive will want to take a look at the characters they'll want to collect if they're trying to pull specific heroes for their kingdom.



A Tier

The A Tier units also have some irreplaceable characters in the game that provide value to their squad. However, they have no real competition in terms of the role they play for the team so it often feels like players are left with no options but to choose them. Regardless, they are still important pieces that players should have.

 Lords and Tactics Diaochan


Cai Wenji is a support hero from the Wei kingdom. She currently ranks as the top support in the game and provides so much utility with her ability to increase the skill damage of her allies, making the entire team more lethal in a fight. Healers are highly prized in the game but as mentioned before, the game provides very few alternatives so her place in the rankings is mostly uncontested.

 Lords and Tactics Cai Wenji

Aside from being a powerful support, Cai Wenji also deals a high amount of damage. After all, her abilities scale depending on her ATK stat so she is basically built to have offensive capabilities to make sure that her utility is maximized efficiently. 


Liu Bei is another support hero and he's from the Shu kingdom. The only reason that Liu Bei is ranked lower than Cai Wenji is that he only targets two characters. His buffs are extremely good and mostly make up for not having a global heal, which also adds to the fact that his heal values are also higher.

 Lords and Tactics Liubei

The reason why healing only 2 out of 3 heroes is such a weakness is that the meta revolves around having heavy hitters that attack the entire enemy team. This means that if you use this hero's ability, there will always be one unit that's in kill range. Regardless, this unit's healing is still ridiculous and makes it almost impossible to kill the frontline in one turn.

MuMu player


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