ALICE Fiction Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks


ALICE Fiction Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of MuMu Player's tips in our ALICE Fiction Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.



ALICE Fiction Beginners Guide

alice fiction beginner guide


  • Always collect the free gacha character that is available every day.
  • Use energy only for the quests you want to do. Essentially using energy for the Main Quests is the best option. After completing these, using them for Resource Quests is the best.
  • Do single pulls in the gacha banners if you are a free-to-play player.
  • Store up gems during the events that award gems. Only then spend them for a 10-pull in the gacha, so that you get a 3-star guarantee.
  • During the gameplay, breaking individual panels so that 3+ panels of the same characters are in line, is important. Just mashing the panels won't do the trick.
  • Endgame content is still a long way away, so new players should just focus on learning the game properly, and not worry about the endgame right now.


Completing the Quests

The main objective of quests in ALICE Fiction is to unlock different parts of the game. This game contains a bunch of different questlines. The main questline among them is the Primary Story Quests. World Memories are also unlocked by completing a few quests right at the beginning.

alice fiction beginner guide

The early, beginning stages of the game revolve around completing them to unlock different parts of the game, as said before. The following are the different parts of the game we can unlock:

  • Resource Quests: Unlocked by completing Quest 1-6. These Quests are for gathering resources like Experience.
  • The Underground: Unlocked by completing Main Quest 03-01 (Normal).
  • Memory Search: Unlocked by completing Main Quest 01-10 (Normal).
  • Event Quests: Unlocked by completing Main Quest 01-09 (Normal).
  • Battle Arena: Unlocked by completing Main Quest 04-07 (Normal). This is the PvP aspect of ALICE Fiction.
  • Team Hunt: Unlocked by joining a team.


Utilizing in-game Gacha

The characters that we get in ALICE Fiction are obtained through a gacha system. These characters have 3 rarities:

  • 1-star: The most common characters, are generally weak characters.

alice fiction beginner guide


  • 2-star: Stronger than the 1-star characters, but weaker than 3-star characters. Good characters with a variety of powers.
  • 3-star: The 3-star characters are the strongest in the game. These characters have game-changing special attacks, and they can turn battles around single-handedly.

alice fiction beginner guide


All of these characters can be obtained through different gacha banners. Along with this, all of these characters can also be upgraded. For this, there is a different gacha banner known as the “Everyday Gacha“. The things required for these upgrades are the spare parts. These spare parts consist of different things in the Metaverse that were used by previous users of ALICE.

Understanding the in-game Resources and Accessories

ALICE Fiction has a few different collectible resources. The primary objective of one of these resources is to use them in the gacha. Let's take a look at what these resources are:

  • Energy: A core element of the gameplay of this game. Can be obtained for free through recharging, or can be bought from the Store with real money.
  • Coins: Coins are used to upgrade our characters. Once we gather enough materials to upgrade them, we can use coins to complete the upgrade.
  • Gems: Gems are the premium currency of ALICE Fiction. They are used for drawing gacha lotteries in bundles instead of single pulls.
  • Gacha Cards: These cards are used for single pulls in the character gacha. They can be obtained through gameplay, but are rare.


So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don't hesitate to fall back on this ALICE Fiction beginners guide for tips.

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