ALICE Fiction: All you need to know!


ALICE Fiction: All you need to know!

ALICE Fiction is a fast-paced Puzzle RPG game on the market. It is developed by WonderPlanet Inc., and it brings a different take on puzzle games with it. In this beginners guide, we will discuss what this game is, its benefits for new players, how new players can progress, and so on. Puzzle games, like MMOs and RPG games, have become saturated. ALICE Fiction is a breath of fresh air in the genre. In this guide, MuMu Player is going to take a look at the basic gameplay and tips of ALICE Fiction, and help new players get a headstart.


Gameplay Overview

The story of this game takes place in a digital world. This world is called the Metaverse of ALICE. In this Metaverse, we are an Avatar, our digital selves. All our memories of the metaverse are stored in a database. These stored memories are known as World Memories. One day, like any other, when we are browsing the Metaverse, an error makes the whole thing glitch and break out.

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This error code locks us out, but the mother AI resolves the problem, and we log back in. When we log back in, we come to know that we have forgotten all about the Metaverse, we don't even remember if we have logged into it before. Supposedly we have a little sister in this Metaverse, and we cannot remember her either. It is here that the gameplay begins. 

Main Gameplay

The main gameplay of this game is kind of like Candy Crush but better and contains more action. After we are done with the story tutorial, we have to defeat a monster that has appeared in the Metaverse due to the error. We beat this monster by breaking panels on screen.

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These panels contain the faces of our characters that we own, and breaking them helps our characters on screen to attack the enemy. Breaking 3+ panels of the same character (like in Candy Crush or similar games) leads to that character unleashing a special attack. These special attacks are devastating, so breaking 3+ panels as often as possible should be the goal.


A small but very important part of the above gameplay is the timer. There is a timer that runs out when it is our turn. So, it is very important to ensure that we break as many 3+ and singular panels as we can within the time limit. If we don't, our character's attacks will be way weaker.


Skills are special effects on our characters. These can also be called buffs. These skills can be used to help our entire team. These include buffs for our characters, as well as debuffing other characters, and so on.

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Energy System

A restricting factor that limits the playtime in ALICE Fiction is the energy. The energy system here allows players to store a ton of energy. Once the energy runs out completely, we have to wait for it to recharge, or else we can also buy it from the store.

Auto Play

After completing a few quests at the beginning, the Auto Play feature becomes available for future battles. This is useful for quick play sessions.

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World Memories

World Memories are the memories of our avatar. These memories are a part of the main storyline and some side quests as well. These memories are also made up of different levels, with 5-star World Memories being the highest rarity. These 5-star World Memories can also be obtained through a gacha banner.

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