Alchemy Stars will release a crossover with the venerable JRPG Persona 5 Royal in July


Alchemy Stars will release a crossover with the venerable JRPG Persona 5 Royal in July

Alchemy Star, a well-liked tactics-based gacha RPG, has revealed its upcoming major crossover, this time with the renowned JRPG Persona 5 Royal. New characters, accessories, and other additions will be unveiled at this event.

The gacha RPG Alchemy Stars stands apart from the crowd since it forgoes the conventional turn-based gameplay that most of its competitors employ in favor of a quasi-tactics system. On a grid-based battlefield, you'll be placing and moving units as well as engaging in combat with foes. However, the tiles you move around are also an integral element of the gameplay because you must match them with other tiles of the same color to receive certain advantages. When you factor in the distinctive skills that each cast member possesses, the game truly stands alone and is only comparable to Disgaea, a well-known JRPG series.

Naturally, it makes sense that Alchemy Stars would select the venerable Persona 5 for a crossover given its anime-inspired art style and certain highly JRPG-specific graphics and gameplay characteristics. Persona is a series with a lengthy history, but Persona 5 Royal in particular stood out at launch and went on to become one of the best-selling JRPGs of all time. Given how well-liked its cast is, it may draw in new fans who might have otherwise overlooked Alchemy Stars if those same characters appear in another game.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown which Persona 5 Royal characters will be joining Alchemy Stars as part of this upcoming event. As the "late July" launch window for this crossover draws near, I'm sure we'll learn more, but for now, it's probably safe to assume we'll see the usual suspects. The Joker, the main character, Skull, the sidekick, and Panther, the other sidekick, are all very well-known, so I'm positive we'll at least see those three.




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