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Network environment error shows up on the upper right corner of the emulator

If a red exclamation mark pops up on the upper right corner of the emulator interface, prompting“Network environment error”, follow the steps below:


Step 1: Check the network environment of your PC

① Make sure your PC can access the Internet normally.

Important!!! Ensure that your current network environment (especially campus/company) does not prohibit emulators/games.

③ If you are accessing the Internet via WiFi, try switching to a wired network connection.

④ Try modifying the network DNS to and reboot, if the problem persists, change DNS to and reboot.>> How to modify DNS

Step 2: Check and adjust the emulator's network settings

1. Make sure the emulator is not running on "Airplane Mode". From the lower right corner of the emulator's home page, click "System Applications" → "Settings" → "Wireless & networks" → "More".

Network environment error1

2. [Run network repair file to repair network abnormality]
Right-click the emulator icon, enter the installation directory, find the Nemu\EmulatorShell\networkReset.bat file, and run it as an administrator, then restart the emulator.

3. Make sure VT is enabled. >> How to enable VT

4. Adjust the network settings of the emulator

1) Go to the home page of the emulator → Click "System applications" → "Settings" → "Wireless and networks" → Find “Wi-Fi”.

Network environment error2

2) Long press the WiFi name, then select "Modify Network"

Network environment error3

3) Choose "Static" under "IP settings", then modify the network as shown in the figure below and save

Network environment error4

Network environment error15


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