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Backup Games&APP File Guide

Guidelines for backing up game and application data files (Applicable to switch from 32-bit to 64-bit version)

The first step: Enter the emulator installation directory, find the “myandrovn-vbox86” folder, copy the “...-disk2” file to the desktop, and then uninstall the emulator;

Backup Games&APP File Guide1

The second step: Install the new MuMu emulator, download the import tool (>download here< ) and unzip it.

Backup Games&APP File Guide2

The third step: Copy all the files in the folder corresponding to the computer system. A 64-bit computer corresponds to the nemu_x64 folder, and a 32-bit computer corresponds to the nemu_x86 folder; the files in the folder are shown in the figure:

Backup Games&APP File Guide3

The fourth step: Paste the copy files into the Hypervisor folder under the MuMu installation directory (32-bit is>>C:\Program Files (x86)\NemuVbox\Hypervisor, 64-bit is >>C:\Program Files\NemuVbox\Hypervisor );


The fifth step: Open the Nemu application. Please make sure that the MuMu is closed before opening it.

Backup Games&APP File Guide4

Click file to select Virtual Media Manager,

Backup Games&APP File Guide6

Select the disk2 data disk, click Release first, and then click Remove

Backup Games&APP File Guide7

Backup Games&APP File Guide8

Backup Games&APP File Guide9

Backup Games&APP File Guide10

The sixth step: Open the “myandrovn-vbox86” folder, you can see that the -disk2 file inside has been deleted, copy the previous -disk2 file to this folder

Backup Games&APP File Guide11

The seventh step: Click setting, select Storage;

Backup Games&APP File Guide12

Click the red box option in turn, and select the second option "Select Existing Hard Disk" in the pop-up window.

Backup Games&APP File Guide13

Backup Games&APP File Guide14

Select the -disk2 file copied here before and click OK

Backup Games&APP File Guide15

Finally, after the completion of the disk2 disk import, close the tool, open the emulator, you can see the backup games and applications.

Backup Games&APP File Guide16

PS: If the prompt "Network problem has been resolved, please restart" appears after importing, there is a problem with the connection between the imported package and the emulator, please try the above tutorial again.


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