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V2.2.19.1 Update Notice

V2.2.19.1 Update Release Notes

*New Features and Optimizations: 
          1.Added support for Portuguese;
          2.Fixed compatibility issues with Google Play;
          3.Fixed an issue where enabling Fullscreen would cause the emulator to crash;
          4.Optimized an issue that caused Smart Buttons to be displayed abnormally in vertical resolutions;
When installing local apks, the emulator will now record the location of the last opened file;
          6.Optimized the Volume Settings function and fixed some bugs;
          7.Fixed an issue where the computer would go to sleep when the emulator was running on the background;
          8.Fixed an issue where the emulator installation would get stuck under certain circumstances;
          9.Optimized the Virtual Positioning function to allow users to operate the game while setting the location;
         10.Added a function that allows users to customize the transparency of Key Hints;
         11.Added a function that allows users to keep Keyboard/Gamepad Controls when uninstalling and reinstalling the emulator;
         12.Fixed an issue where the language setting would reset after restarting the emulator;
         13.Fixed an issue where the mouse wheel could not be used under Fullscreen mode;
         14.Added support for high frame rate mode for some games. For example, Honkai Impact 3rd, Onmyoji, FGO, etc.;
         15.Added a function that allows users to hide the UI in Honkai Impact 3rd, which can be enabled in Settings;  

*Game Optimizations:
          1.Fixed an issue that caused black screens or screen freezes when playing the Honkai Impact 3rd CG after the game update;
          2.Optimized an issue with the screen stuttering after running Final Gear for a while;
          3.Fixed an issue with the emulator crashing when running FGO JP Server;
Fixed an issue where the graphics of 블레이드&소울 레볼루션 were displayed abnormally;
          5.Fixed an issue where the graphics of Princess Connect! Re:Dive TW Server were displayed abnormally.

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