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Azur Lane: New Event Preview

★Azur Lane | SSSS.GRIDMAN / SSSS.DYNAZENON Collaboration★

Starts on Nov. 25th!

(To be continued)


★Rikka Takarada★

Um, my name is Rikka Takarada. I'm still a bit confused about what's going on, but... I guess for the time being, I'm in good hands.



Kaiju Eugenicist, Mujina. I suppose I'm a battleship now. Just asking to be sure... There are no kaiju in your world, correct?


★Chise Asukagawa★

Woahhh, I somehow ended up in a totally unknown place... Oh, um, my name's Chise Asukagawa! Since I might be here for a while, thanks for looking after me!


★Akane Shinjo★

Hey there, the name's Akane Shinjo. This rigging looks super cool, like it's right out of a mecha. Now if only there were some kaiju around, that'd be the best...


★Yume Minami★

Hello, my name is Yume Minami. I've ended up in this world for whatever reason. I'll do my best to contribute to the fleet as a heavy cruiser.



Hello, I'm Hass. I was suddenly blown away to this strange place... But, I guess it seems interesting enough here. By the way, is it okay to shoot some videos here?



Heyyo, it's Namiko! Uhh, wait, is this that whole getting-reincarnated-in-another-world thing that's been super popular? ...It's not, huh. Well, in any case, nice to meet you!


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